Since 1981 Cya kaiseki ryõri & Sidasi


Cya kaiseki ryõri & Sidasi

茶道(Tea ceremony)

In Japan, there is a traditional tea ceremony called sado.
In sado, the master of the ceremony invites guests and serves Japanese traditional tea called matcha.
The spirit of sado is based on Zen philosophy.
During the Kamakura period, as Zen became popular in Japan, so did sado.

Afer that, in Azuchi-Momoyama period, Sen-no-rikyu invented “Wabicha” which became the origin of modern Sado.

For more information to The OMOTESENKE Tradition website.

茶懐石料理(Tea kaiseki cuisine)

Cha-kaiseki (Tea kaiseki cuisine), dishes served before a full Japanese tea ceremony.
The meal leads you to the highlight of the tea ceremony, the serving of the Koicha(Thick tea).
It helps your body’s comfort and to ensure you enjoy the experience more.


Kamigyo is located in Nagoya, Aichi pref., and serves traditional Cha-kaiseki prepared with seasonal food as a catering service.
We treasure every single encounter and provide the best OMOTENASHI (the spirit of Japanese hospitality) for our guests.

Kamigyo 上 京

Nisiki Bld 2F,
3-18-21 Nishiki,Naka-ku,Nagoya City
Aichi, 460-0003, Japan

CLOSE:Year-end and new year holidays.
* Full booking system * reservation (about half a month before)
* closed.

Please note that catered, so travel specialties in our restaurant is not so.

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